Tucked away on the underside of the lumbar vertebrae. Removed carefully without the use of a meat grapple and trimmed of the sidestrap (techno babble: "psoas minor"), the industry standard 55 kg carcass will yield two very kitchen friendly Tenderloins at around 400+ grams each.

An elegant melt in the mouth most tender piece guaranteed to cut like a hot knife through butter!    Suited to a variety of dishes, prep is no nonsense straight forward.

For a Braided Venison Fillet:

Bring a 400 gram tenderloin to room temp.  Removal of any remaining silverskin is desirable but not essential.  Leaving the head intact, cut the piece twice lengthwise from just below the head all the way to the tip, making sure the cuts result in 3 even sized ribbons.  Coat with quality olive oil and season.  3 strand braid the fillet. A hot pan with a little oil, sear both sides and cook to rare. Remove from heat, cover and let rest in a warm place for 5 minutes before serving. 

Serve with a red wine jus,  garlic truffled mash, saute'ed baby spinach & pepper buttered baby carrot

Serves 2.