From the mild to the spicy.

Fresh Smallgoods & to Ready To Eat

They all have one thing in common - big on FLAVOUR

Sliders, snags, 

All of our fresh sausages are hand crafted using natural casings.  Around 12% of quality pork back fat is combined for superior flavours and texture.  Ingredients list and nutritional information is available upon request.

Our recommended Sausage variations - tried, tested & delicious

Ranked in popularity, they are:

  1. Elk with Walnut & Roasted Fennel Seed - made from scratch, our classic masterpiece!
  2. Venison Bratwurst with thyme & oregano - a safe all-rounder
  3. Venison with Chili and Roasted Fennel - mildly spicy
  4. Fresh Venison Chorizo - especially for the BBQ
  5. Venison with Cracked Pepper & Merlot - a different take
  6. Venison Toulouse - another made from scratch with a twist on the traditional

Elk is our specialty.  We can hand craft limited runs* to add the exclusive X Factor. 

Think along the lines of something like:    Hand Cut Prime Denver Leg of Elk (machinery forbidden) with Calvados, Saffron & Rare Breed Pork Fat?

Have you an ELK idea? Looking for the X factor? 

Don't make it Mission Impossible.

Let it happen, we'll make it. 

and we'll burn the recipe after it's been made!

*Minimum quantities apply.