Deer are as graceful in the field
as they are on the plate

Applying the Master Recipe

Venison has long been regarded as seasonal and should the game keeper not get it right, the prized venison will be tainted with a robust smack of strong game flavours, to the point of being unpleasant & objectionable. It makes perfect sense to only select prime animals for processing, especially so for Hahndorf Venison as a producer/processor/supplier. Hahndorf Farm Managed Venison provides enjoyment of consistent and repeatable results all year round. Integrating farm to kitchen production principles eliminates risk and inconsistencies. That's why we farm deer and process Venison, we remove the variables and control the quality to provide you with the very best product available, year round.

Venison is incredibly lean. While this is a definitely a desirable feature, it influences how it is to be handled in the kitchen. In addition to the leaness, many cuts vary in tenderness, flavour  and texture.  Every Venison cut has a place on the menu but each one must be used within it's limitations.  Each of our recommended recipes takes the combined attributes of each cut and portion into account.  Just as you wouldn't pan fry a Venison shank, you'd overkill by making a curry with a Venison rump.  Some cuts are best well done slow cooked, Osso Buco for instance, and others are a simple flash fry.  If you're unsure, we'll step you through.

Let the Venison be the star.
Tradition says marinade - not so!  Strong marinades are only required to mask the "gaminess" of Wild Shot deer.  Read more about gaminess in our Q&A.
Each of our featured recipes have been tried and tested only with Hahndorf Farmed Venison. They sing and so does the Hahndorf Venison. The results taste great and we're confident you'll achieve the same outcome. Gentle marinades are used occasionally, but not to mask flavours. These marinades are used to enhance the lean attributes during the preparation & to protect the Venison during cooking process. As with all added ingredients, only use quality products, this is especially so where pork fat or bacon is recommended, always select fresh quality pork back fat and first grade streaky bacon.

Honour the Deer.  Waste not - want not.  At Hahndorf Venison we aim for Zero Waste.  We believe that to waste any part of the deer is dishonourable.  We try very hard for Cheek to Shank processing - and beyond.  Our recovery includes much of the delightful offals such as heart, liver, kidneys, cheeks, tongue & etc...  Bones for stocks. We  produce fine leather and raw hide.  Stag bladders are used in bio-dynamic farming. Tails & tendons are prized oriental delicacies, pizzles too. The hoofs and long bones are diverted to pet treats, and the list goes on.  To help you in your kitchen, we do the hard work for you.  Much of the Venison that leaves our chillers has been "denvered", meaning membrane and heavy sinew are removed. You can read more about Denvering on our Q&A page.  Denvered Hahndorf Venison makes it much easier on your end with minimal to no waste and will provide superior cooking results.