WHAT: Several venison cuts are presented as "Denver", particularly those from the leg.  It is unclear where the name Denver originated but what is clear it was introduced to cleverly market leg and avoid the need to differentiate each muscle. Venison "Denver Leg" is a very good example, it could mean a topside, silverside & etc...

HOW: at Hahndorf Venison we "Denver" step by step:

  1. we separate each muscle to individual pieces
  2. using our air assisted membrane skinner , we efficiently remove silverskin and sinew from each individual muscle
  3. Each muscle is vac packed like with like, eg Rump with Rump, Round with Round etc.  This is usually in pairs, from the same carcass for consistency. 
  4. Each pack is labelled and identified by its correct description, eg "Venison Denver Knuckle".

WHY: Denvering by specialised machinery is completed in a fraction of the time it takes with a knife.  The end result is considerable time saving for chef with little to no kitchen waste.

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