Hints of game, strong game flavour, gaminess... terms often used to describe venison.

To get a grasp on game and just what it means, we need to take a brief look at the history of venison.

In the centuries past, deer hunting has generally been considered as the exclusive sport of noble folk.   In most cases, the royal entertainment of deer hunting included the use of hounds, followed closely on horseback by the landed gentry, to run the deer until exhausted, thence dispatched.  

One can only imagine the condition of the venison, further complicated by an era before refrigeration. Then there's the variable seasonal influences, which also directly impact upon the flavours and odours.

The thrill of the hunt was the main attraction, and nearly always in pursuit of a prized mature stag rather than a young deer of suitable eating quality. Unfortunately, the spoils of the chase were often considered secondary. Wild game birds such as grouse, pheasant, woodcock and so on, were treated similarly.

By the time the "game" reached the royal appointed chef, heavy marinades were the order of the day to mask the pungent odours & strong flavours.  

Today's Farmed Venison is not influenced by the chase, seasonal variances and dietary unknowns.  "Gaminess" references, mischievously perpetuated by disconnected celebrity food critics, demonstrates  Farmed Venison remains largely misunderstood.  

Farmed Venison is a stand alone star with it's own unique attributes, "game" is not one of them.

Hahndorf Venison deliver superior quality Farmed Venison of consistent subtle flavours and delicate textures throughout the 4 seasons.

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