Tucked right away on the underside of the the saddle. Removed carefully by hand with just minor two knife scores. Trimmed of the sidestrap, the Hahndorf Venison Tenderloin yields two very Chef friendly portions at around 400+ grams each.

Braided Venison Fillet - simple yet elegant

No marinades needed.

Venison prep time <5 minutes, pan time of around 2 minutes each side.

  1. Unpack the Hahndorf Venison Tenderloins and allow to breathe for 5 minutes UUor so and the natural deep red colour will return
  2. It is desirable to remove any remaining silverskin at this stage
  3. When the tenderloins begin to reach room temperature, slice the the Tenderloin
    from from just below the head to the tail, making sure you finish with 3 evenly sliced ribbons
  4. 3 strand braid the Tenderloin and apply a very light coating of Olive Oil
  5. Apply cracked pepper to taste and add a couple of sprigs of thyme
  6. Remaining oil into a hot pan - take care - not too hot to burn the oil
  7. Carefully place the braided Tenderloins into the pan, sear and cook to rare
  8. Remove from the heat, cover and set aside to rest for 5 minutes
  9. Plate the accompaniments, followed by the Tenderloins and serve