Stir-fry, dicing, sliced thin across the grain for a flash fry Hahndorf Venison steak sandwich. Also perfect for a slow cook Hahndorf Venison pie filling.

Full of flavour hard working long grained muscle. Highly recommend denvered and side-strap removed for 100% muscle without silverskin or sinew. The silverside must be handled within it's limitations.

We highly recommend to purchase the Hahndorf Venison Silverside fully denvered.

Denvered Hahndorf Venison Silverside is perfect for making Jerky or Biltong

Also makes great high quality diced pieces for those super wet dishes and pies.  Thinly sliced across the grain then cut into long strips makes for fantastic stir fry.  For a flash fry steak sandwich just take a thin slice across the grain, a light tap with the tenderiser mallet, season and into a hot pan with a little quality olive oil,  around 30 seconds each side.